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Make your own cat and dog food

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This is a free homemade dog and cat food recipes website, it contains a large collection of quality healthy homemade recipes with a focus on dog food and nutrition. If you are looking for free recipes for homemade cat and dog food, then this pet food site is the perfect place for you, you will soon start making your own delicious dog treats based on very healthy natural recipes.

Make your own pet food!

With the plenty of dog and cat food recipes that are in this blog, you will finally be able to make your own homemade pet (cat and dog) food on a budget with natural, healthy, and cheap ingredients (expl: chicket feet dog food) and in a no time with available food items in the kitchen.

Chicken feet for your dog

Before to make any fast comment, know that chicken feet are the number one homemade dog food in a LOT of countries, the principal motivation for this is being the cost which can be as low as zero bucks for many kilograms of chicken feet, ..
The first thing that you will need to check is if there are chicken butchers in your country that have live chicken in their shops, this may be not the case if you live in Europe or in America, ..
In spite of some spread claims that chicken feet would make your dog less intelligent, this is totally non-scientific and should not be trusted, however feeding your dog chicken feet exclusively and for a long period of time can be a bad idea as it is not a so nutrient rich dog food!
In fact I am not saying here that this is the perfect homemade dog food that you should ultimately go for or any nonsense like that, truth must be said, this is a poor dog food for poor people, I tell you about it because I know many of you are tired of having to pay expensive food to satisfy their dogs daily needs, .. this idea can help you save some dollars monthly but should not be used to completely substitute normal dog food (homemade or canned) in your dog diet.
If you decided you would get some chicken feet for your dog to eat from time to time, then your next decision would be wheter you want to feed them cooked or raw! I will leave this choice up to you, but I suggest cooking the chicken feet can make them easier to eat for your dog, even if you're into a raw food diet.
If you like this dog food idea you are likely to like my chicken heads cat food recipe article as well! I hade made it for cats but the ideas are the same.
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