Homemade dog and cat food recipes

Make your own cat and dog food

What's that?

This is a free homemade dog and cat food recipes website, it contains a large collection of quality healthy homemade recipes with a focus on dog food and nutrition. If you are looking for free recipes for homemade cat and dog food, then this pet food site is the perfect place for you, you will soon start making your own delicious dog treats based on very healthy natural recipes.

Make your own pet food!

With the plenty of dog and cat food recipes that are in this blog, you will finally be able to make your own homemade pet (cat and dog) food on a budget with natural, healthy, and cheap ingredients (expl: chicket feet dog food) and in a no time with available food items in the kitchen.

Homemade pet food Vs. Commercial canned food

Is Homemade Dog Food Worth the trouble? .. YEAH !!

You've probably heard of the recent pet food recalls. They have terrified every pet owner out there. Consequently, many pet owners have turned to the making of their own homemade pet food as a way to ensure the safety of their pets.

But before you start making your own homemade dog meals, you need to know that you will have to be very careful about what you put in your homemade dog food. Many vets are very worried about the state of dogs health as more owners start making their dog food instead of buying it.

When they make it right, commercial dog food contains all of the necessary nutrients your dog needs. It doesn't have any added ingredients that can harm dogs. Unfortunately, many of the homemade dog food recipes that you can find on the internet can be bad for your dog's health and in some cases it can even be dangerous! (expl: onions! never feed your dog onions!)

Prior to using any of the dog food recipes you find, please consult with your dog's veterinarian. he will tell you if any of the ingredients might be harmful to your dog, and if the recipe is adequate in the nutrition your dog needs.

Do that at least if you have a doubt that your dog may encounter health problems or already has some, but if your dog is perfectly healthy and if the recipes entirely consists of natural dog food (and I mean what dogs eat in nature = meat, ...etc) then I believe there is no need to consult any vets at all :)


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